Judgment went against women rights: SC to revisit its own ruling that banned automatic arrests in dowry cases

The Supreme Court said on Friday it will revisit its July ruling restricting automatic arrests in dowry cases, saying the judgment went against women’s rights.

The top court had on July 27 laid down new guidelines that called for a committee to examine allegations of dowry harassment before local police can arrest the accused to tackle the problem of false cases.

“We do not agree with the judgement which laid down the guidelines,” the Chief Justice-led three-judge bench said on Friday.

The July 27 order received mixed response, with men’s and women’s rights activists on the either side of the debate. Women’s rights activists said the order weakened the fights against dowry, while people working for men’s groups said the order was important to stop growing misuse of the legislation.

Quoting the National Crime Records Bureau’s 2012 data, the bench too had in July taken note of the misuse. The NCRB report projected that out of the 3,72,706 cases pending trial in 2012, 3,17,000 would lead to acquittals.

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