No Country For Women: Just 15 Days Into 2018, Harrowing Incidents Of Rape & Murder Jolt The Nation

In January, 2012, the brutal gangrape of a physiotherapy student shook the country. Men and women stared at television screens in horror, even as they wished they could unsee and unhear what was being played in front of them. But they could not – the ruthless Nirbhaya gangrape case spread like wildfire and gripped the entire country, waking it from blankness that had steeped deep into their minds – rape is normal, it happens every day, anywhere.

Six years later, the Nirbhaya is still not forgotten and the pseudonym finds a mention quite often when such an ordeal is narrated.

Cut to January 2018, nothing has changed.

15-year-old Dalit girl gangraped, private parts damaged

The nation woke up to the news of a 15-year-old Dalit girl being gangraped and murdered in Haryana. The body of the girl, a class 10 student, who was missing since January 9, was found in Jind district of Haryana on January 12. Her mutilated body was covered in a torn t-shirt with 19 different injuries all around the body, on the face, neck, lips and chest. It appeared that the victim had struggled a lot to escape from the sexual assault. Reports also suggest that her lungs and liver were ruptured indicating that someone might have sat on her.

The case has an unambiguous resemblance to the 2012 Delhi Gangrape that jolted the country and mobilised citizens protesting the grim state of women’s safety in the capital and other areas.

Three another incidents of rape, gangrape and murder were reported from the state, which, ironically, recorded its best sex ratio at 914 girls per 1000 boys recently.

11-year-old girl abducted and gangraped

A 11-year-old Dalit girl was allegedly raped and murdered by two of her neighbours in Panipat, Haryana. The assailants also committed necrophilia after murdering her, reports PTI.

The offenders had allegedly burnt her clothes after murdering and raping her, in an attempt to destroy the evidence.

Haryana Police have arrested two offenders, Pradeep Kumar (27) and Sagar (22), who happen to be her neighbours. The Times Of India report, which carries Pradeep’s confession, states that Sagar and Pradeep had both been drinking, and had at first verbally harassed the victim. Shortly after, they raped her and when she tried to resist, they strangled her as well. Pradeep confessed that both had then committed necrophilia and kept the body till about 11pm, before dumping the body near a village pond.

 The two have been arrested and booked under POSCO act.

22-year-old woman gangraped in moving car

On January 14, a 22-year-old woman, who was returning from work, was kidnapped and gangraped allegedly by four men in a moving care for nearly two hours in Ballabhgarh, Haryana.

The incident took place around 6.30 pm when a few men in a sports utility vehicle (SUV) forcibly pulled her into the vehicle and took turns to rape her. The woman had bruises all over her body.

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