Mumbai-based Kiran Ahuja had no idea what ‘crime’ she had committed to hear this from her agitated neighbour, Rustom Patel, who barged into her apartment. Before we divulge into the details of this unexpected behaviour, let’s go through the backstory first, shall we?

Originally from Raipur, Kiran and Shilpa are sisters who shifted their base to Mumbai. Kiran is a physiotherapist and Shilpa, a practising lawyer. The sisters’ unconditional love for animals nudged them to feed neighbourhood stray dogs daily.

The duo registered themselves under Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and rescued stray dogs to feed them on a daily basis.

However, the neighbours were pissed off by their compassionate act. Apparently, it created a ruckus around the society and the residents conveniently put the blame on the sisters.

“We made it a point to feed the dogs on a footpath outside the society. However, the people living in there had a problem with it too. In fact, a lot of residents used to leave their leftover food for the dogs to eat. This created a mess. But, we always had a different approach. My sister and I used to feed them pedigree and that too outside the gates. But, we were blamed for the mess some other people created.” 

The sisters went out of their way to feed the dogs – They fed them Pedigree outside the society gates and got them neutered, much to the agitation of the residents.

Rustom didn’t take that judgement well. After abusing her, he threatened her to face dire consequences. Upon returning to the society, a mob gheraoed Kiran and beat her up mercilessly. Shilpa, who was returning from office, saw the crowd gathered around her sister and rushed to help.

We have been staying at a friend’s place since the incident. The night it happened, we went to the house with a policeman at around four and collected our cash and documents. But, we are no longer staying there.”

Witnessing how abhorrently residents reacted, it’s disgusting how a simple compassionate act can lead to such a disturbing case of molestation. We live in a world where kindness comes with a price.

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