AirAsia offers flight tickets at base fare of Rs 99, offer valid till November 19

Low cost air carrier AirAsia has rolled out a limited period ‘Big Sale’ in which it is offering flight tickets at an unbelievably low base fare of Rs 99. The offer is valid for booking on the carrier’s website till November 19 and it is applicable for travel from May 7, 2018 to January 31, 2019. The fares offered in the Big Sale are for select routes and the carrier has not made it clear how many seats it has kept aside in each flight. However, upon navigating to the booking page for a particular flight in the offer, you are informed about remaining seats valid under the offer.

Air Asia’s Big Sale is a promotional offer valid till November 19. Like the e-commerce sector, over the past couple of years, the aviation sector has also entered a discount war as competition increased due to opening up of the sector. Bear in mind, the Rs 99 figure is only the base fare and not the all inclusive fare. On the website, the lowest fare shown available was Rs 403 on the Bhubaneswar-Ranchi route. However, when we tried to book the ticket, we were given two prices. The Bhubaneswar-Ranchi ticket under the offer was being offered at Rs 613 and the Ranchi-Bhubaneswar flight was offered at Rs 466.

For some flights, the all inclusive fare also includes airport taxes–at some airports tax is levied on the point of departure. Also, the booking of these tickets can only be done online. There will be a non-refundable processing fee also applies while you make payments via debit card, credit card or charge card.

Some other flights under the Big Sale on the carrier’s website were Bhubaneswar-Kolkata at Rs 507, Ranchi-Kolkata at Rs 571, Kochi-Bengaluru at Rs 764. Some other affordable flights offered were Kolkata-Ranchi and Kolkata Bhubaneswar at Rs 1,001, Goa-Bengaluru at Rs 1,087, Guwahati-Imphal at Rs 1,096, Hyderabad-Bengaluru at Rs 1,061, Srinagar-New Delhi at Rs 1,099, Hyderabad-Kochi at Rs 1,289, Goa-Hyderabad at Rs 1,297 and more.

The airline has not revealed the total number of seats it has kept on offer in the Big Sale as well as the proportion in each flight however, it has said that the number of seats are limited, as was also seen while attempting to book the flight ticket. Air Asia has not rolled out the offer on all routes.

The Big Sale offer is only applicable for new ticket purchases and not for embargo period. Furthermore, full payment including taxes will have to be paid at the time of payment booking the ticket. Customers can not ask for refunds after booking tickets under the offer and if one intends to change the date of the flight then a special charge will be levied for the same. However, change of name of the flier is not allowed under the offer.

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