I-T returns don’t suggest actual income of person, says Sessions Court

The income tax returns alone may not suggest actual income of a person, held the Sessions Court in Mumbai. The court held the argument hearing a revision application of a south Mumbai based petitioner who is in a legal dispute with her estranged husband and his parents over maintenance and alimony due to her.

The court clearly backed argument of petitioner Katy Nowzer Mehta, 57, saying the income tax returns alone may not reflect her estranged husband’s actual income.

Now the woman can go ahead to examine the true income of her estranged husband Nowzer Keki Mehta, 62.

The couple was married in 1993 and was allegedly forced to leave her matrimonial house in April 2010. Katy had filed a criminal case against Nowzer under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

At the trial state, when Katy pleaded before the lower court for reasonable maintenance and alimony, Nowzer, who according to Katy, had 39 per cent shares in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, had allegedly transferred some of his shares, retaining just 10 per cent of the shares for himself.

Katy alleged that this was a deliberate ploy to deprive her of the right maintenance and alimony amount. She had thus filed an application before the lower court to allow her to examine witnesses to establish Nowzer’s real income.

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