Tuesday Trivia: Did you know Shraddha Kapoor had once said ‘I LOVE YOU’ to Varun Dhawan?

The cutest and the most adorable love stories are the ones that happen to us as children. And it seems, our Bollywood stars and star kids were just as innocent as we were back in the day. Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor, who are among the top movie stars in the country today, and were seen as an on-screen couple in the Remo D’Souza film ABCD2 (2015), could have been an off-screen couple as well.

Yes! You heard it right. Back in 2015, when their film had released, Shraddha Kapoor, while promoting the film with Varun Dhawan had revealed that she had the biggest crush on him as a child (of course, he was a child too). So much so that she even proposed to him but in her own unique style.

“I was only eight, and I had a crush on Varun. So, I thought I should just tell him. I decided to say ‘I love you’ backwards. So, I told Varun that I am saying a sentence backwards, and he must listen carefully. Then I said ‘You – love – I’. I think it was too complicated for a little boy to understand because he gave me a stern ‘No’, and just ran away from there,” – Shraddha Kapoor had told a mainline daily, as reported by India Today.

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