VALLEY VIGILANTISM AT ITS PEAK: Two innocents mistaken as braid-choppers thrashed mercilessly,cops rescued within time

From the two videos going viral from Kashmir,it is quite clarified that miscreants have totally lost it & all they can do is to target some innocent people in the name of braid-chopping allegations.In the first video,mob is trying to set ablaze a mentally ill person in Sopore. . “Immediately, a police party rushed to spot and found that a mob was beating one person ruthlessly. The miscreants had also burnt some grass and were trying to set the person ablaze. Some miscreants had even tried to run a tractor over him. The victim, identified as Wasim Ahmad Tantray, was rescued by the police team. Tantray was immediately rushed to a hospital in Sopore. As the condition of the injured is stated to be critical, he was referred to a hospital in Srinagar.

Whereas in the second video, mob tried to kill a man by drowning him.He was truly innocent who has come to offer prayers at Dargah Hazratbal.

Thanks to the Police team who saved two precious lives from being killed by violent mobs suspecting them to be braid-choppers.It’s high time to realize the difference between a braid-chopper & an innocent,so #STOP accusing Army men, Civilians, Tourists both Indians and Foreigners of braid-chopping.


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