68% of India’s adults do not know about adult vaccinations: Study

A recent survey conducted by a market research organisation confirmed that 68% of India’s adults do not know about adult vaccinations. The survey brings forth the health issues India is facing and the mere absence of ‘health’ in all health-related programs. While the government is entangled in helping the ones suffering from illnesses, its healthy population is unaware of their own deteriorating environment and it effects.The survey conducted on 2,002 adults in six metro cities including Hyderabad and Bangalore, between July 6 and September 14, confirms that more than half the urban population is unaware of the vaccination for adults. The ‘Vaccinate for Life’ programme, aimed at creating awareness among people above 18, found out that over 43% had no idea that there are adult vaccinations available, while 38 percent said that they believed vaccinations are only for children and the rest believe that they are health thus do not require any vaccinations.“With the current environmental factors, a huge section of our population is vulnerable to health-related problems. While we focus on treatments, we need to also focus on keeping the healthy, healthy and bring ‘health’ into discussions. Health India is vital for India to sustain its economic growth. While the budget seems to be moving in that direction, the lack of awareness is still a major hindrance,” says Dr Sanjiv Kumar, Director, IIHMR, Health Research Institute.

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