Financial worries may raise heart attack risk by 13-fold

New research due to be presented at the 18th Annual Congress of the South African Heart Association shows that financial stress may increase the risk of a heart attack by 13-fold, and work stress by almost six times.People worry about money — a lot. According to a recent survey by the American Psychological Association (APA), 72 percent of those in the United States felt the weight of financial stress at least once in the past month.Another sizeable 22 percent said that they experienced extreme financial stress in the past month. “Money and finances have remained the top stressor since […] 2007,” report the APA. The same organization warn that “stress related to financial issues could have a significant impact on Americans’ health and well-being.” New research, which will be presented at the 18th Annual Congress of the South African Heart Association, held in Johannesburg, may help us to understand exactly how significant that impact could be.

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