Migraine is treatable. AIIMS, Army doctors propose method

Doctors from AIIMS and Srinagar army hospital have revealed that a permanent treatment for migraine does exist, which is in turn a respite for millions who suffer from this condition.

In collaboration, they have come up with a solution and said that migraine can only be eliminated completely through a surgery, as per reports.

They have arrived at this conclusion after follow-up results of 30 patients who underwent surgery and out of them, 14 felt completely fine in a span of a year.

Rest of people have also experienced a lot of improvement after undergoing surgery.

Around 20 percent of the world population suffers from migraine, which causes severe pain on one side of the head.

Reports further suggest that doctors do prescribe analgesics and steroids to relieve pain but they carry side effects and aggravate the issue.

The surgical treatment of migraine is being tried in many countries but in India, it is very low.

Doctors claim that says Botox is given to patients on the trigger site, which gives patients a relief of up to 50% in frequency and intensity of pain.

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