Bangladeshi artist Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty on burying himself in soil, understanding his body

The idea of a human body buried in soil in a box and placed on a barge on water has multiple connotations. “It is a preliminary attempt to possess breathing earth and turn soil into a living object,” says Bangladeshi artist Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty.In a box filled with Goa’s soil, a mound was the first indication of the person buried within. Stepping closer, audiences saw an arm moving over the earth, scooping and dropping fistfuls of it ceaselessly, like clockwork, for hours at a stretch every day. An artwork by Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty at the Serendipity Arts Festival in December, the “interaction between the body, soil and imagination” was an attempt to recall migrant labour and refugees, among others


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