Cleopatra had a big, beautiful nose. So let’s see it onscreen Radhika Sanghani

leopatra is having a remake. The Egyptian queen, so memorably immortalised by Liz Taylor in Joseph Mankiewicz’s 1963 film, is coming back to our screens. And this time it’s going to be “dirty, bloody, with lots of sex”.The new film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, aims to tell the story from Cleopatra’s perspective. “There have been so many narratives of Cleopatra that have all been framed through the eyes of men,” Scarpa told film website Collider. “The entire history of that period is framed through the eyes of men, specifically Roman men. We’re going to approach it through her point of view.” Their goal is admirable (and long overdue) – but in order to be faithful to Cleopatra, as a strong, badass Egyptian queen, they’re going to need the right actor. Cleopatra’s beauty is well-known. “She was a woman of surpassing beauty, and at that time, when she was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking,” wrote the Roman statesman Dio Cassius, while Plutarch spoke of “a woman who was haughty and astonishingly proud in the matter of beauty”. The two most powerful men of Rome, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, both fell in love with her “wit as well as her good looks”, according to historian Appian.


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