Lohri 2018: Things you must not forget to do on this festival day

Lohri is a Punjabi festival which is celebrated in many parts of India with utmost happiness and joy. People dance, eat core Punjabi food to enjoy it to the fullest and get-together to have fun. Here are the important things you must not forget to do on this festival day:

The major highlight of the festival is the bonfire which is set up in an open area. The festival is celebrated at the end of cold winters by looking forward to a great harvest and praying for prosperity and happiness People pray for the prosperity and happiness of their family and loved ones. It is believed that by performing the circumambulation of the Lohri fire with utmost faith and optimism, one can expect miracles to happen. People offer their prayers to lord ‘Agni’ by performing parikrama. Tossing sesame seeds, popcorn, gajak, rewri, etc on the bonfire is a major highlight.

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