With Canopy Beds And A Pool In Every Room, Head To This Gorgeous Getaway To Avoid The Diwali Chaos

The whimsical Paatlidun Safari Lodge is planted on the outskirts of the Jim Corbett National Park. A thread-like hilly road (hence the name Paatlidun or ‘a narrow valley’) leads you to the retreat that’s perennially enveloped with an air adrift with routinely intermittent sounds. The leaves of the surrounding sal trees rustle, a chorus of cicadas pitch in, birds call out from thick canopies and the paperbark ribbon you just stepped on, crackles.

And in the midst of this, sits Paatlidun – an immaculate blend of Kumaoni tradition and urban opulence.

Ideal for

Paatlidun Safari Lodge is the perfect hideaway for newly-weds looking for an offbeat honeymoon retreat. In 2016, at Outlook Traveller’s Boutique Hotel Awards, the lodge was bestowed with the ‘Best Hotel for Honeymooners’. Couples can either have a complete staycation here, or use the lodge as a base to explore Corbett and its cornucopia of secret trails and jungles.

About the property

Fanned over by the Shivalik range, the lodge is quietly tucked away in Uttarakhand’s Bhakrakot village. The region is teeming with trees we bet you didn’t know even existed (such as the kinds of Rohini and Kamini) and somewhere nearby, swatches of lush grasslands spill into the startlingly clear Kosi river. Spread out over an expanse of 13 acres, the lodge is home to 12 en-suite cottages.

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