More fun to use the stage for what it’s worth: Imaad Shah

Many years ago, Naseeruddin Shah had acted in an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s raucous musical The Threepenny Opera. “That was around the time he was in National School of Drama,” Imaad Shah tells us. Now, years later, his actor and musician son is directing the very same play for the Aadyam stage, as his directorial debut. This is the seventh and final production to be staged under the Aadyam banner this year. While the premiere of the play happened yesterday in Mumbai and has another show there tonight, it will also be staged in Delhi soon.Well, his father might not be in this play with him but his brother, Vivaan, is. Also, one-half of his Electro-Funk /Nu Disco band Madboy-Mink, Saba Azad is also acting in the play. With so much pressure of doing a path-breaking play as The Threepenny Opera as his first as a director, combined with the heavy-duty lineage he comes from, does having family around help? “Well, the whole cast has become family for me now,” says Imaad, while admitting that having family around does matter. “They have all stepped up and gone beyond the call of duty. They have really been involved from a creative and production standpoint,” he adds.


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