I have a knack for grasping things: Sunidhi Chauhan

For Sunidhi Chauhan, the world of turntables and house music is a new one. The Bollywood songstress will be judging and mentoring a pair of established singer and DJ/music producer in The Remix on Amazon Prime Video. In spite of being an unknown turf, she has taken to it seamlessly. Sunidhi talks to us about her latest stint, what she thinks of the current music scenario and show contestants.No, it’s actually great. Every type of music speaks the same language. Amit Trivedi, Nucleya, and I are here to polish the musicians and pinpoint things; judging would be a wrong term. The contestants either take our opinion positively and grow with it or take it negatively and fall. It’s about how we feel as a layman and also someone who knows things technicallyWhatever little I know is because I listen to a lot of music and I always aim to sound different in every song. I try to gain knowledge by always being alert, staying current and being aware of what’s happening around. This requires a little more of me. It’s a constant process — learning and grasping things. I have a knack for grasping things. I’m quite smart that way.

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