Why are people marking #NoBraDay on Twitter and how is it important?

Today is No Bra Day, a movement to raise awareness about self-examinations and mammogram screenings to detect the symptoms of Breast Cancer, a growing epidemic in India. According to a recent study, Breast Cancer could kill 76,000 women a year by 2020.

No Bar Day was started in 2011, according to The Sun, and largely takes place on social media, where women use the hashtag #nobraday to show their support to the campaign and spread this important message.

While Several women have been participating in the movement by sharing their mostly empowering stories on social media using the hashtag #NoBraDay, the day has created a lot of controversy too. Many felt it sexualises women’s bodies. Yet this day has gained considerable popularity over the years.

On this day, women and men are also encouraged to donate or volunteer for the various Breast Cancer Care charities, and other events that are organised to create awareness about this deadly disease.

Bollywood actor Richa Chadha is a huge supporter of the movement, and says, “Cancer is reaching epidemic numbers all over the world and Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death among women. A simple self-examination can prevent it. So, this is a good campaign that creates awareness.”

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month every years to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. 

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