Bookworms, take note! All roads lead to Pink City as Zee Jaipur Literature Festival begins

The 11th edition of Jaipur Literature Festival kicked off today. It will feature more than 200 sessions on a multitude of trends and topics ranging from poetry, fiction, non-fiction, science, history, environment, journalism, liberal arts, travel, cinema, and economics. Similar to its previous editions, the festival started off with a keynote address and conclude with a debate where the audience will vote to voice their opinions in favour of or against given notions.

The literature festival began with a performace by Meeta Pandit, a Hindustani Classical vocalist. It will be followed by a keynote address by Pico Iyer titled ‘A world without borders’.

An Academy Award winner, Tom Stoppard will talk about his life and creativity in a session called ‘The Real Thing’. In another session titled ‘The Great Survivor’, Afghan’s ex-President Hamid Karzai along with William Dalrymple will discuss his leadership and legacy during the country’s recent turbulent times. Novelist Helen Fielding will be conversing with Meru Gokhale on fiction and comic.

The program will also celebrate the diversity of languages, their multi-faceted trajectories, and enigmatic roots. An announcement will be made at the festival about including first ever Hindi word in Oxford Dictionary. The position of Hindi will be celebrated as a common language steeped in literary traditions.


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