Forced to exist on ‘red water’, Chhattisgarh villagers complain of health problems

In Chhattisgarh’s Balrampur area, residents are complaining of several health problems due to the dearth of safe drinking water. ‘Red water’ is what the residents are getting through handpumps in the village, which they claim is responsible for the multiple skin diseases and aches that they are suffering from.Due to the contaminated water, the residents of Aamtahi village in Balrampur are complaining of several health issues such as herpes and itching.

Despite knowing that the water is unsafe, these residents still drink it. For them, there is no other option but to live on this ‘red water’ to quench their thirst.Narrating her woes, a class 10 student explained how she is suffering from a severe backache which she claims is due to the unsafe water. She recounted her ordeal of how not just her but several other people in the locality are suffering from similar body aches. Even the handpumps in the school premises are giving out the same ‘red water’. The women in the family are also desperate for any respite. They have to cook food, wash utensils, wash clothes but due to this contaminated water, they have to walk to a nearby farm, which is over a kilometer away, to get safe water even for the basic needs. The women are now urging authorities for a well to be dug in the locality which might bring an end to their troubles.

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