Minor girl hacked, beheaded by stalker in front of school

Bhopal: A minor girl was allegedly beheaded by a man who had been stalking her in front of her school on Thursday in Kotam village near Anuppur. The man had been stalking the class 11 girl for many years ad he had been arrested yesterday. Pooja Panika was o her way to the school to appear for the biology practical when the accused attacked her, said a retired teacher.

The teacher, the only eye-witness, said the accused ran up to her and severed her neck with a sword, later fleeing the scene of the crime.

Police arrested Dilip Sahu, the accused by the police from his residence on the basis of the complaint of victim’s family, who provided police with the accused’s address. The teachers kept the students away from the crime scene till the police took the body, weapon and other blood traces.

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