These women were worshipping nothing but a dustbin!

In India, we have seen people worshipping animals, trees, and even rocks. But have you ever seen someone worshipping a dustbin? Yes, a video of many women putting tilak and offering flowers to a dustbin has left people amazed. The ‘holy’ dustbin, if we may say so is not of a bull, cow, rat or any other animals that have religious connections but a Kangaroo!

The yellow fiber-glass marsupial became a shrine for the people what it appears to be during the Chhath Puja. Not one but many devotees were seen pouring water before the bin and paying their obeisance to the replica of the mammal.

Facebook user Anil Thomas from Delhi uploaded the video on his wall and it has got everyone talking. While many thought it was funny and one remarked they “mistook the kangaroo for a mouse”, there were some who did not find this funny. One such user commented that maybe they were knowingly worshipping the dustbin as “it is their God because those bins offer food” who rely on the food thrown away by others.

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