Google Assistant can now recognise the song playing near you

Google Assistant is getting a new feature that identifies any song playing in the background, similar to how Shazam  works. The feature was originally released a month ago, but was limited to Google’s Pixel devices. Now, the feature is being rolled out for Android devices supporting Google Assistant.

If there’s a song playing near you but unable to identify, simple ask Google Assistant “what’s this song?”. The Assistant take a listen to the song, and after a moment, recognise the song, artist name, and essentially provide an option to find the track on YouTube, Google Play Music, or perform a search. tried out the music recognition feature on the Pixel 2 XL, and it works perfectly fine. 9to5Googlereports the feature is currently live on select devices, including the original Pixel phone. It appears that the feature doesn’t appear to have rolled out for many countries yet, except a few including Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.


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