Linking mobile number to Aadhaar gets easier: Here’s how you can do it from home

In a move to simplify the process of linking mobile phone number with Aadhaar, the government announced three measures which will let people complete the process from the comfort of home. These include verification via OTP (one time password), Aadhaar app, as well as IVRS facility. Of course, people can continue to visit mobile stores to register biometrics and complete the process.

Meanwhile, the government has ordered telecom companies to complete re-verification at the doorsteps of the disabled, chronically ill and senior citizens. For such cases, telecom operators have been asked to set-up an online mechanism for people to request for doorstep verification.

The deadline for authentication of mobile phone number with Aadhaar (a process called re-verification) is February 6, 2018. Let us take a look, in detail, various ways by which people can link their mobile number to Aadhaar:

The government has directed operators to facilitate request for OTP on user’s mobile number that is already registered with Aadhaar database. The method can be used for re-verification of other mobile numbers that subscriber may be using as well. OTP mode will help e-verify cell phone numbers via websites or mobile apps.

Agent-assisted authentication

The process has been made more secure as telecom operators have now been asked not to reveal full e-KYC details of subscribers to agents, which was not the case previously. Agent-authentication assistant can be sought for SIM re-verification as well as issuance. Additionally, data will no longer be be stored on the agent’s device.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

Interactive Voice Response System can be used as verification as well, though this will be done via specially designed apps.

Finally, telecom operators have been directed by the government to deploy iris scanning devices at service points. This will those (especially senior citizens, disabled) who have difficulties verifying their identity via fingerprint-based Aadhaar authentication.

Apart from re-verification of existing prepaid and post-paid mobile numbers, getting an new mobile connection also requires Aadhaar-based e-KYC now. The government hopes to complete the re-verification process by early next year.

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