500+ People Just Made A Guinness Record

What comes to your mind when you hear someone creating a Guinness World Record? I typically picture an individual pulling off an insane stunt to capture everyone’s attention – something that takes incredible talent and even more diligence.

India itself has accomplished many such feats – of preparing the largest Roti (Chapati), world’s longest turban and the world’s longest mustache. But what if I tell you that this time, it wasn’t a meticulous talent, but a collective effort of nearly 600 women who performed an age-old tradition to set a world record – something that we could be doing on a daily basis. Hard to fathom, isn’t it?

I was clearly surprised when I saw 578 enthusiastic women making spirals of sorts and Parineeti’s popular commercial “Kuch karein in balon ka kuch karein” playing on the screens. Bajaj Almond drops, India’s no 1 hair oil, had set the stage for these women to attempt the Guinness world record for the world’s longest head massage chain; an initiative undertaken to emphasize the importance of hair oiling which is often regarded as a messy affair. But this spectacle proved it otherwise!

The participants completed these actions in three minutes with a superb coordination and created the milestone. After all, the presence of RJ Archana was enough to pump up the excitement of our ladies.

The event was heart-warming and nostalgic and brought back some fond memories of the mini head massage chain my grandmother, mom and I would create during my childhood. I am certain most of those women also returned with the same when they achieved the biggest milestone they were hoping for along with Bajaj Almond Drops!

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