Bulletproof, fireproof! You can build a real house with the plastic bottles in your trash can

Roti, Kapda and Makaan (food, clothes and shelter) are the three things we need most in life. Though food and clothes don’t take up much from our paychecks, it is the shelter that is worrisome. Even if you manage to get yourself a small piece of land, building a house for yourself will send the number in your bank account to a dizzying low. However, the people of Nigeria have come up with a ‘bulletproof’ solution to not just the problem of housing but also garbage!

It is safe to assume that by now all of us know the toxic impacts of plastic waste but how many of us have stopped using it? Even if we do stop using it, what about the tonnes of waste that are already polluting the planet?

According to media reports, Nigeria throws out around 3 million bottles each day. These bottles take at least 450 years to decompose. That’s a long time for something to occupy the surface of the planet. As a solution to the problem, two NGOs Development Association for Renewable Energies and London based Africa Community Trust teamed up to build houses out of plastic bottles.

The housing situation in Nigeria is bleak. There is a large population of homeless people in the country.  By building houses with plastic bottles, the NGOs are aiming to solve two problems at once.

The bottles are filled with sand and held together using a mixture of mud and cement. The houses are powered using solar panels and methane gas from human and animal waste making them completely environment-friendly.

To make a two bedroom house, approximately 14,000 bottles are used. The structures are fireproof, bulletproof and can withstand earthquakes.
By building these houses, Nigeria has set an example for the world to follow. They are cheaper and equally durable plus, you are decreasing trash by building them.  This is the future of recycling!

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