The making of an ICON: Don’t miss to watch this inspiring video if you are a VIRAT KOHLI fan!!!

To be spoken off in the same breath as Sachin Tendulkar is no mean feat. And if that starts happening when you’re barely halfway through your journey, it means you’re standing well and truly above your peers.

As Tendulkar was enjoying the twilight of his glorious career, a young man from Delhi was making rapid strides through domestic cricket.

Virat Kohli was destined for great things. Ask his coaches when he played club cricket as a youngster in his hometown, they’ll tell you about the frightening talent that he was.

Apart from leading India to the Under-19 World Cup, Kohli even famously stepped out for his state team in the Ranji Trophy, a day after his father died, and played a brave knock of 90-odd runs.

Along with the massive talent, Kohli was blessed with irresistible passion as well.

Today, the man is the be-all and end-all of Indian cricket. The No. 1 batsman in the world across all formats.

However, what most fans get blinded by is the fame that’s associated with being a member of the Indian cricket team. What they don’t see is the blood, sweat and soul that goes into becoming a legend.

On Friday, Kohli shared with his followers a glimpse of that hardwork. The making of an icon.

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