WWE Raw Results: Braun Strowman puts Kane through the ring; Triple H replaces Jason Jordan in Survivor Series match

With days to go for the inter-brand pay-per-view, the rivalry reached fever heights as Braun Strowman once again unleashed mayhem and the ring bore the brunt for the brutality. The man at the end of Strowman’s savagery – Kane. After weeks of being attacked by The Big Red Machine, Strowman who usually asks for competition, had a clear target in mind. While Strowman wanted to get some retribution, he got it but not in the form of a scheduled match – not that he would mind.

Using his fists and steel chair, Strowman kept Kane scrambling and moving about the ring looking for some respite. But none of which arrived. The demolition could have continued outside the ring, too, but for Kane avoiding being put through a table. Even though Kane avoided the superplex on the outside, he couldn’t prevent a Running Powerslam on the inside which sent both the men through the canvas of the ring. No better way for the two giants to go into Survivor Series.

In another perplexing and odd change of plans, Jason Jordan’s replacement for the Survivor Series was named not by Raw General Manager Kurt Angle by WWE executive Triple H. With son Jordan injured by Bray Wyatt, Angle had to make the tough decision of appointing his substitute. But even as Angle struggled with his words amid pleas by Jordan to not name a replacement, Triple H came down to the ring.

Making his first appearance on Raw since his Wrestlemania match, Triple H announced himself as the final member of Team Raw! In further insult to Angle, he delivered a brutal Pedigree to a distraught Jordan.

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