SHOCKING VIDEO revealing the dirty wild side of “PARTY ANIMAL” Gulmehar Kaur !!!

This is very shocking to see Gulmehar Kaur showing her wild vulgar dance moves as before she puzzled us by holding a placard that it was not Pakistan but the war that killed her father.A soldier commits his life to safeguard national interests when he gets enrolled into the Forces.That is precisely why a soldier automatically becomes a hero the moment he joins the service, unlike any other profession in the world.This is very much clear fact that It was undisputedly Pakistan that killed her father. He was killed in the war, but the war happened because of Pakistan’s ulterior motives.. The enemy triggered it and her father was amongst the most valiant among the chosen few to guard the pride of this nation. ALAS! she failed to understand what really caused the war and who initiated it. Education should, ideally, help you think logically and reasonably to understand the root cause of every situation or problem at hand.I hope logical thinking and sound judgment will help her realise who caused the war and effected her father’s martyrdom.The views about her father’s martyrdom are totally nonsensical along with the video which reflects her carefree side in which she is partying like anything forgetting about everything else in the world.

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