VIDEO: Baisakhi celebrated with zest and zeal at Nagni Mata temple in Bhaderwah

Renowned Nagani Mata temple at Manthala in Bhaderwah is about 15 km away from the main town of Bhaderwah.People in the land of nagas on the Himalayan terrains are celebrating these melas since ages where they gather during this month and time of baisakhi to celebrate the springs and beginning of summer and harvesting season after a long tough life of winters when they had to remain indoors due to severe cold conditions. These are welcome gatherings for a good season of harvesting and beautiful summers.Dense and thick deodar tress surrounding the temple adds natural beauty to the spot.On this occasion folk dance of Bhaderwah which is popularly know as Dhaku was organised by the Mandir committee in which hundreds of boys and girls danced in old tradition in proper circular arrangement which was the main attraction of the fair. Many sweet shops and toys shops were opened where the kids and devotees seemed busy in buying toys and sweets.Free Langar was also organised by localities in which delicious and healthy food was served to the devotees.The devotees in order to perform darshan and seek blessings of Nagni Mata seemed standing in ques for hours. Many tourists also visited the spot and enjoyed the fair.Satisfactory security arrangement was made by the Bhaderwah administration and Discipline committee of Nagni Mata Mandir.

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