Illegal immigrant who savagely beat his daughter to DEATH for being ‘too Western’ deported

Mohammed Lhasni, from Morocco, has been kicked out of the southern European country after serving a five year prison sentence for bearing his 19-year-old daughter to death in September 2004.

The 64-year-old devout Muslim became furious after his daughter, Kaoutar, had fallen in love with a man who he disapproved of.

He beat her with his fists and a stick and kicked her so severely he broke several of her bones.

Kaoutar died in agony an hour after the assault, choking on her own vomit.

Mr Lhasni was initially sentenced to 15 years for the crime but 10 years were discounted and he was released in late 2014.

The Moroccan man was living in Grantorto illegally and had his residence permit cancelled on 27 June this year.

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